Gravimetic Coal Feeders




The Great Aid Projects Pvt. Ltd.  Driven by technology, we leverage on our experience and expertise to set benchmarks and retain our competitive edge. Our ranges of  machines  is widely used in material  handling applications and  also in various industrial purposesThe Company coordinate for  highly efficient Gravimetric belt type coal feeder. Coal Feeder provided by us delivers a constant variable but controlled quantity of coal to pulverizing mills. It also withstands the explosion pressure required. These conveyors provide accurate volumetric measurement of the material being conveyed. The volume measure of Coal Feeder provided by us is directly proportional to the speed of chain and cross section area of the material in the conveyor. The design of the Coal Feeder provided by us is such that it assists the machine to directly connect to the outlet of bunkers or hoppers. The drives are provided with variable speed levels to control feed rate of material. We can even provide Coal Feeder with gravimetric weight feeding facility to achieve accurate feed rate.

Standard Features:

A) Evolutionary MPC Controls

  1. Large, color, graphic touch screen display.
  2. Dual processors for added capability.
  3. Fieldbus communications options.
  4. Flexible design allows for configurable inputs/outputs.
  5. EasyServe PC interfaces for configuration back-up and restore.
  6. Simple access to information from control room.
  7. Integrated clean-out chain control.
  8. Powerful 32 bit ARM-9 processor.
  9. Maximum/minimum feedrate limit setting.
  10. Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet support.
  11. Scheduled maintenance reminder.
  12. Belt slip detection algorithm.
  13. Moisture compensation Input.
  14. Remote/local Mode.
  15. Forward/reverse, jog/run.
  16. Internal PID control settings.
  17. Belt motion monitor input.
  18. Discharge plug gage sensor.
  19. Coals on belt switch Input.
  20. Coal flow monitor input.
  21. Feed rate analog input/outputs.
  22. Multiple language support.
  23. Integrated clean-out chain control.
  24. Variety of display and configuration units.
  25. Configurable error and warning reporting.
  26. Hourly/daily feed rate totals.
  27. Settings and I/O for calibration probes, calibration weights and belt travel.
  28. Automatic switch to volumetric feed upon load cell failure.
  29. Raise/lower feed rate inputs.
  30. Three totalizer outputs.
  31. Pre-feeder start output.
  32. Release output for integration of auxiliary equipment.


B)  Heavy-Duty Construction

C)  Access Doors

D)  Feeder Inlet

E)  Internal Illumination

F)  Weighted Belt Scraper

G)  Head Pulley

H)  Take-Up Pulley

I)   Belt Tension

J)  Cleanout Conveyor

K)  Take-Up Assemblies

L)  Feeder Belt

M)  Drive Reducers

N)  Weigh Rollers

O)  Alarms

P)  Simple Calibration

Q)  Dual Load Cell Weighing System

Summary of Benefits

  • Fuel savings through improved boiler efficiency.
  • Ability to improve combustion efficiency/loss on ignition.
  • Ability to improve pressure and superheat control.
  • Less slagging, fouling, and corrosion.
  • Ability to improve stability and response of combustion controls.
  • Less NOX through better control of excess air.
  • Reduced Operations & Maintenance costs.


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