Flue Gas Desulphurisation

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A unique combination of people and technology together with sound business ethics and a focus on product development completes the working credentials of  The Great Aid Projects Pvt.Ltd. We are technology oriented enterprise, the innovative leader in dust collector filters and environmental protection industry. Our success is based on thinking ahead, strong commitment on environmental protection industry, and the accountability of all of our members. We are able to offer FGD technology for large thermal power stations. The FGD technology is based on a chemical reaction that occurs when the warm exhaust gases from the coal fired boiler come into contact with limestone. This reaction removes 92% of the sulphur dioxide from the flue gas and converts the limestone into Calcium Sulphite. We are dedicating is provide the most economical, efficient and optimized filtration solutions, the emission control since <15mg/ m3, totally solve the PM2.5 control standard, dust filters working life will be 20% longer than others. Our commitment is to enhance and optimize the performance of dust filters for particulate air pollution control. We strive constantly to improve our products and services for the benefit of our customers — providing long working life of dust filters and all about reducing emissions. Meeting customer’s expectation has always been the focus of our quality management. Constant product advancement set the standard for new solutions in filtration technology. Our Mission: Providing the High-Efficiency Filtration Solutions.Seek to Be the First and the Best Filtration Solutions Experts. Keep the ecological condition of earth sustainable and better. Value: Keep good and long term relationship with our customers and partners by credit dealing, mutual satisfaction and real respect! Goal: To be The Best and First Option of Filtration Solutions in the World!


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